A circular PTFE mold (d = 4.5 cm) was used to prepare DiAPLEX films, which were solvent-cast in zero magnetic field. Scissors were used to manually cut six or eight radial, equally spaced wedges going 1.3 cm into the circular disc to define petals. The center of the sample was affixed to the center of a flat rotating stage with double-sided tape. The stage rotated at a speed of 0.9 rpm. The LED was placed above to illuminate the hinges of the petals before they were rotated beneath the permanent magnet. A permanent magnet (0.75-inch-diameter, 0.5-inch-thick cylindrical NdFeB from Bunting Magnetics, N35P7500500) was held at a fixed height above the edge of the sample such that the ends of the petals would pass beneath the magnet as the sample was rotated.