The multicore fiber (FIGH-06-300S, Fujikura, distributed by Myriad Fiber Imaging in the United States) used to acquire all experimental data is a 30-cm-long multicore fiber of 6000 fiber cores with a core diameter of 3 μm, a core pitch of 3.3 μm, an image circle diameter of 270 μm, a fiber diameter of 300 μm, and a coating diameter of 400 μm. The coded aperture used in the experiment has a minimum feature size of 10 μm, limited by our printing capabilities. The coded aperture was laser-printed on a transparency and was a 2D square-shaped, uniformly distributed pseudorandom binary pattern. Because of the feature size of the coded aperture and the inherent cross-talk in the multicore fiber, the distance between the mask and the fiber is set to be 1 mm with the imager’s working distance being approximately 4 mm to ensure sufficient shift in the coded-aperture responses of each point source from the scene.