To calculate the particle size histogram of Fig. 1E, we automatically picked up particle images from the whole SE-ADM image area using MATLAB R2016b (MathWorks Inc.) by an original programmed script. To detect the particle image, we applied a cross-correlation matching method to the SE-ADM image (46). The correlation maps were calculated by a cross-correlation function between template particle images and SE-ADM whole images. The particle images were picked up from peak position in the correlation map. The total numbers of pick-up particle images were 1417, 984, and 1014 on 4, 7, and 10 days, respectively, using the cells cultured in osteogenic media. Then, we automatically calculate each particle diameter using its particle image. Each particle image is processed to intensity reversion and rotation average. Each particle diameter was measured by three-fourth score width in a normalized plot from the particle center. A histogram of particle diameter of Fig. 1E was imaged by GraphPad Prism 7 Software (GraphPad Software, CA, USA).