Fluorescamine dye is a fluorescent stain that can rapidly react with primary amines and, therefore, has been widely used for the quantification of anime-containing agents. In this study, the fluorescamine assay was used to investigate the impact of the MMP-2–sheddable PEG on the availability of the multifunctional PAMAM dendrimers. Fluorescamine was first dissolved in high-performance liquid chromatography grade acetone (3 mg/ml) to obtain 1 mM solution. Subsequently, lysine external standards (0 to 500 μM) and nanoparticle solutions (100 to 500 μg/ml) were prepared using PBS (pH 7.4). Fluorescamine solution was then added to these as-prepared samples and mixed thoroughly. All samples were measured with an excitation wavelength of 390 nm and an emission wavelength of 460 nm after reacting for 2 hours.