Freshly purified protein solutions (200 μl) containing different concentrations (0.2, 0.5, 1, and 2 mg/ml) of protein monomers were added into 96-well flat clear bottom black PS tissue culture–treated microplates (3603, Corning) and incubated at 4 or 25°C. ThT buffer was then added at a final concentration of 20 μM. The signals were measured every 30 min by a BioTek Synergy H1 microplate reader using BioTek GEN5 software set at an excitation of 438 nm and emission of 495 nm with a 475-nm cutoff. The ThT fluorescence was normalized by (FiF0)/(FmaxF0), where Fi stands for ThT intensity (fluorescence arbitrary unit) of samples, F0 is the ThT background intensity, and Fmax is the maximum ThT intensity of samples over the experiments. Data are presented in Fig. 2C and figs. S3C and S4B.