shRNAs targeting LysRS and STING were cloned into the pSUPERIOR.retro.puro vector from Oligoengine, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. N-terminally Flag- and HA-tagged codon-optimized mouse LysRS (MWG Eurofins) was cloned into the pOZ retroviral vector. For bacterial expression of recombinant proteins, the human LysRS gene was amplified by PCR from complementary DNA (cDNA) of HeLa cells. The cDNA and codon-optimized human cGAS (MWG Eurofins) were cloned into the pGEX-4T1 plasmid. Codon-optimized mouse LysRS was cloned into the pGEX-4T1 plasmid. Danio rerio LysRS (zLysRS) was amplified by PCR from the cDNA of zebrafish larvae and cloned in pGEX-4T1.