The St. Jude “bioactive” compound library used in this study consisted of 4364 unique compounds (a total of 8904 compounds including replicates) acquired from commercial sources (Microsource, Prestwick, and Sigma-Aldrich) and external academic collaborators or synthesized in-house by our chemistry group. It includes FDA-approved drugs or clinical candidates (913), nuclear hormone receptor ligands (108), the GSK published kinase toolset (358), kinase inhibitors (1,642), nuclear hormone receptor–based pharmacophore library (744), artemisinin-like compounds (535), certain rare chemical scaffolds (1665), and some other chemicals with reported biological activities (2939). The purity of purchased and in-house prepared chemicals was >85% and >90%, respectively. All chemicals were solubilized in DMSO at a stock concentration of 10 mM.