All animal experimentations were performed and approved by the Italian Ministry of Research and University and controlled by a Departmental panel of experts (permission numbers: 12-12-30012012, 547/2015, 214/2020). MMTV-NeuT and C57Bl/6 mice were used for the experiments. The acclimatization period was 14 days prior MC-38 and 4T1 cancer cell injections in C57Bl/6 mice, health status of the engrafted mice was monitored daily and as soon as signs of pain or distress were evident, they were euthanized. For early cancer detection, female MMTV-NeuT mice were enrolled in the experiments at week 6 of age, when hyperplasia was evident and full transformation of the breast has not yet occurred 25. EV-ICG-Virus-MC38 (n=5) (1×108 particles/injection + 1×108 viral particles/injection +10 ug/mL) were administered i.v in a volume of 100 µl.