The alternations of signal pathway of MYC and its relationship with cancer stem cells
MYC dysfunction modulates stemness and tumorigenesis in breast cancer
Int J Biol Sci, Jan 1, 2021; DOI: 10.7150/ijbs.51458

We used KEGG (, TCGA (, TRRUST ( and STRING ( databases to explore the changes of MYC pathway and its relationship with breast cancer stem cells. Firstly, in the KEGG PATHWAY, keyword was entered as c-myc and the name was selected as breast cancer to achieve the pathway alteration map of MYC in breast cancer patients. Secondly, the correlation between MYC and the classic breast cancer stem cells (BCSCs) was analyzed in TCGA database by Pearson's correlation. Then, STRING database was applied to obtain the protein interaction network between MYC and BCSCs. Finally, TRRUST and STRING databases were used to verify the crosstalk between MYC-related transcription factors and classical BCSCs.