Gene target mapping of S100A8/A9 peaks

Gene annotation and information of transcription start sites (TSSs) in hg19 refGene collection were downloaded from UCSC (University of California Santa Cruz) Genome Browser. Classification of S100A8/A9 peaks was determined by patterns of histone modifications. For promoter-bound S100A8/A9 peaks, genes were assigned by mapping the nearest annotated TSS to the peak summit if the peak summit was within 1500 bp upstream and 250 bp downstream of the TSS. If the peak summit was located downstream of the TSS even though within the 250-bp range, we further required that the distance of the peak summit to TSS be <5% of the gene length because the promoter region of a given gene should be around TSS but not largely extended to gene body region. For enhancer-bound S100A8/A9 peaks, genes were assigned either if their TSSs were within 50 kb the of peak summit or if the gene regions overlapped with the peak summit.