An interventional quasi-experimental study for three months between December 2018 to April 2019 was performed to promote the PA level among MAIW residing in Tehran. Eighty Iranian women within 30–59 years old using the available convenience sampling method were chosen among people who referred to the Health Centers of Shahabadi and Abouzar (Tehran, Iran). One of these health centers was allocated to the intervention group and the other to the control group. This design was conducted due to prevent contamination bias, in order not to inform the control group about the intervention as there was no possibility of blinding. The sample size (n) was calculated using the following formula (Eq. 1):

According to the significance level α = 0.05, (Z1-α/2) = 1.96, β or type II error = 0.2, power 1-β = 0.90, (Z1-β) = 1.28, SD1 = 7.3, SD2 = 4.8, μ1 = 2.7, and μ2 = 7.5, the total sample size was calculated to be 70. Based on the attrition risk of 10%, the sample size was reached to 40 subjects in each group. Only the statistical consultant in this study was blinded.