Shaanxi is located in central China between 105°29′ E-111°15′ E and 31°42′ N—39°35′ N, with the capital of Xi’an. Shaanxi has 10 municipal administrative divisions and 107 county administrative divisions. The terrain of Shaanxi Province is high in the north and south and low in the middle and is composed of plateaus, mountains, plains and basins. It covers the two major rivers: the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. Shaanxi has three climate types, namely moderate temperate monsoon climate, warm temperate monsoon climate and subtropical monsoon climate. In 2018, Shaanxi had a population of 38.844 million, with a GDP of 24.43832 billion yuan. Figure Figure11 displays a map of Shaanxi province.

The map of Shaanxi province, China (made through Microsoft PowerPoint, source of map:, under license without need for permission). *This figure was made by ourselves through Microsoft PowerPoint (Version 2013, Microsoft Crop, Redmond, WA, USA). The source of map was a public database, National Nature Resources and Geospatial basic information database of PRC ( This maps were under license without need for permission