miR-34a-5p biotin labeled probe was synthesized by IDT with the probe sequence of 5’Biotin-TGG CAG TGT CTT AGC TGG TTG T as well as the negative control probe with the sequence of 5’Biotin-ACG TGA CAC GTT CGG AGA ATT. RNA samples isolated from CAL27 cells using TRI reagent (Zymo) and treated with DNase I according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Biotin-labeled miR-34a-5p pull-down probe or a negative control probes in the final volume of 100ul and concentration of 1, 0.5, or 0.25 uM were used. 20 μg of RNA was incubated with probe for 1 h at 4 °C. A μMACS separator (Miltney) was used for purification following the manufacturer’s protocol. The levels of pulled-down MET were quantified by a real-time RT-PCR assay and normalized to the total input.