Cells were cross-linked and lysed in IP buffer supplemented with phosphatase/protease inhibitors and RNase inhibitor. Cell lysates were sonicated and 100 μg of total protein was incubated with Ago2 antibody or mouse IgG (non-specific control), the lysates were incubated overnight with either 10μg/ml of ChIP-grade anti-Ago2 or mouse IgG in 4 °C for 90 min, followed by addition of Protein A/G PLUS-Agarose beads and incubation for 80 min. After washing, the eluted RNA samples were further purified with TRI reagent and subjected to TaqMan MicroRNA Assay and qRT-PCR analysis to detect miR-34a-5p and MET, respectively. Data was normalized based on the total input.