Extraction for plant hormones has been conducted utilizing a previously established protocol with minor modifications [6]. Briefly, leaves, roots, and stems were individually homogenized in liquid nitrogen using a TissueLyser II (Thermo Fisher Scientific). In total, 50 mg of the material was extracted with 1 ml cold 50% acetonitrile. The extract was then purified on a non-selective reversed-phase solid-phase extraction (RP-SPE) using an Oasis HLB cartridge (Waters). The column was activated with 100% methanol and ultrapure water, followed by equilibration with 50% acetonitrile. The sample was loaded onto the cartridge and flow-through collected. The residues of the target hormones were then eluted with 1 ml of 30% acetonitrile. The flow-through and eluted fractions were mixed and were evaporated to dryness in vacuum concentrator for 3 hours. Dried residuals were dissolved in 100 μl of 30% acetonitrile. The protocol was deposited in protocols.io (http://dx.doi.org/10.17504/protocols.io.bqy6mxze).