The standard laboratory stocks w1118, Canton‐S, and the mutant 5-HT2APL00052 were originally obtained from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center. As described in our previous publication (Ro et al., 2016), 5-HT2APL00052 were backcrossed 10 generations to w1118 prior to all the experiments. The wDahomey and dFoxoΔ94 lines were provided by L. Partridge (University College London, UK). dFoxoΔ94 were backcrossed into wDahomey prior to the lifespan experiments. Two isofemale lines (18In08-17 and 18Ln10-4, progeny from single wild females that were collected from two different orchards in Media, PA, in 2018) were gifts from P. Schmidt (University of Pennsylvania, PA). Tub-GS-GAL4 was obtained from R. Davis (The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL). elav-GAL4 (BDSC#458) and UAS transgenic lines, including UAS-5-HT2A-RNAiTRiP (BDSC#31882), UAS-5-HT2A-RNAiKK (VDRC#102105), UAS-GDH-RNAi (BDSC#51473), and UAS-eGFP (BDSC#79025), were purchased from either the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center or the Vienna Drosophila Resource Center.