Unless otherwise indicated, pairwise comparisons between different treatment survivorship curves (both lifespan and starvation resistance) were carried out using the statistical package R within DLife (Linford et al., 2013). p‐Values were obtained using log‐rank test. For testing the interaction between genotypes and diets, we used Cox-regression analysis to report p-value for the interaction term. Mortality rates were calculated using standard methods (Partridge et al., 2005). To test the effects of diet and genotype involved in behavior classification and metabolites, we performed two-way ANOVA (on the square root- or log-transformed values) followed by post hoc significance test. To test for a diet effect on gut integrity, climbing ability, weight, TAG/protein levels, nutrient assumption, and positional preference, we used Mann–Whitney U test. Two-tailed p-values were reported unless otherwise mentioned. We designed the layout of individual samples for lifespan, behavior, physiology, and metabolomic analyses, so non-biological factors (e.g. the location of samples) do not contribute to the differences between groups.