The Yilmana Densa and Quarit districts (weredas) are two of the ten districts of the West Gojjam Zone in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia. The two districts are bordering districts selected for the purposes of increasing study area coverage and vegetation cover of the areas. The Yilmana Densa district is bordered by Bahir Dar Zuria (the district that surrounds Bahir Dar, the capital city of the Amhara Region) on the north and Abay River on the east, which separates it from the South Gondar Zone. The major town of this district is Adet (the town which is 42 kilometers far from Bahir Dar). The Quarit district is bordered on the north by Yilmana Densa and on the east by the East Gojjam Zone. The major town is Dabi/Gebez Maryam (Figure 1).

Location of the study Kebeles (smallest administrative units) in the districts of the West Gojjam Zone, Northwest Ethiopia (drawn using Arc GIS ver. 10.5).