In this study compliance to COVID-19 prevention measures was measured by using 18 questions with “Always, sometimes, and never” response options. A score of 1 was given for “always” and “0” for “sometimes and never” responses. Accordingly, the probable sum score of overall compliance to the COVID-19 prevention measure was ranged from 0 to 18. Respondents who score < 50% (score below 9), 50–79% (score 9–14 out of 18 items), and 80–100% (score 15–18 out of 18 items) were considered having poor, moderate, and good compliance towards COVID-19 prevention measures. Similarly, the knowledge of health professionals was assessed using 10 COVID prevention measure-related questions. Respondents who score < 50% (score below 5 out of total items), 50–79 %( score 5–7), and 80–100% (score 8–10) were considered having poor, moderate, and good knowledge towards COVID-19 prevention measures [29, 30].

Adequate natural ventilation is when working and staff room have at least two air inlets and outlet with room area 12 m2 and below.

Functional handwashing facility is functional handwashing sink with water and soap during data collection time.