Dichotomous data will be analyzed using risk ratio with 95% confidence intervals, whereas continuous variables will be analyzed using weighted mean differences or standardized mean differences. Pooled analyses will be calculated using fixed-effect models, whereas random-effect models will be applied in case of significant heterogeneity across studies. When no events are observed, 0.5 will be added to both arms of the trial. Statistical heterogeneity will be measured using the I2 statistic. Metaregression analyses will be conducted to estimate the extent to which other covariates may have influenced the treatment effects. Sensitivity analyses will be performed to determine the stability of the overall treatment effects. Additionally, publication bias will be assessed using the Begg adjusted rank correlation test and Egger regression asymmetry test. All P values will be 2-tailed, and the statistical significance will be set at 0.05. Review Manager software (v 5.4; Cochrane Collaboration) will be used for the meta-analysis.