This prospective cross-sectional, house-to-house survey was undertaken by 3 trained interviewers during a period between November 2012 and November 2013 among the adult population (≥18 years old) in 3 villages (Charcharia, Churain of Nawabganj upazila, Dhaka district, and Kharrah of Srinagar upazila, Munshiganj district of Bangladesh) using enhanced Asian Rome III questionnaire (EAR3Q). Each subject completed the questionnaire himself/herself (except illiterate or visually impaired subjects). Dyspeptic subjects (Rome III criteria) were offered a UGI endoscopy, including H. pylori tests (rapid urease test [RUT], histology, and multiplex polymerase chain reaction [PCR]) from gastric biopsies (Figure (Figure1).1). The protocol was approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee, and written informed consent was obtained.

Study protocol. EAR3Q, Enhanced Asian Rome 3 questionnaire; GHQ 28, general health questionnaire-28; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; RUT, rapid urease test; UGI, upper gastrointestinal.