2.1. Prediction of the Active Ingredients of Plantaginis Herba and Its Targets

The keyword “Plantaginis Herba” was searched in the Chinese medicine systems pharmacology database and analysis platform (TCMSP) (http://tcmspw.com/) and the Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ETCM) database (http://www.tcmip.cn/ETCM/), and the retrieved results were screened based on the following parameters: oral bioavailability (OB) ≥ 30% and drug-likeness (DL) ≥ 0.18. Then, the existing literature was searched for studies involving the ingredients of Plantaginis Herba for hyperuricemia treatment. The molecular structures (SDF format) of the obtained ingredients were obtained from the PubChem database (https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/), and potential targets were predicted using the Swiss TargetPrediction database (http://www.swisstargetprediction.ch/). The potential targets were subjected to gene normalization using the UniProt database (http://www.UniProt.org/). The active ingredients and corresponding targets of Plantaginis Herba were imported into Cytoscape 3.8.0 software to construct an active ingredient-target network for Plantaginis Herba.