For the analysis of infiltrated neutrophils and macrophages, cells in the peritoneal lavage were stained with FITC-conjugated anti-CD11b antibody (M1/70, eBioscience #11-0112-41), PE-conjugated anti-Ly6G antibody (1A8, eBioscience #12-9668-82), and APC-conjugated anti-F4/80 antibody (BM8.1, TONBO biosciences #20-4801) after the Fc-blocking with anti-CD16/CD32 antibody (2.4G2, TONBO biosciences #70-0161). For the intracellular iNOS (NOS2) staining, the cells after the Fc-blocking were stained with PE-Cy7-conjugated anti-Ly6C (HK1.4, Biolegend #128017), PE-conjugated anti-F4/80 (BM8.1, Biolegend #123109), and FITC-conjugated anti-CD38 (90, Biolegend #102705), and then fixed and permeabilized with BD Cytofix/Cytoperm kits (BD Biosciences #BDB554714). After washing, the cells were stained with APC-conjugated anti-NOS2 antibody (CXNFT, eBioscience #17-5920-80). The stained cells were analyzed using CytoFLEX flow cytometer (Beckman Coulter), using CytExpert software version 2.3 and Flowjo software version 10.5.3 (BD).