Immune infiltration analysis

The TIMER 2.0 database [14] ( is a comprehensive resource for the systematic analysis of immune infiltration in different cancer types based on data from TCGA. It integrates six state-of-the-art algorithms, including TIMER, xCell, MCP-counter, CIBERSORT, EPIC and quanTIseq. TISIDB [43] ( is a web portal for detecting tumor and immune system interactions. TISIDB integrates data from TCGA, PubMed literature, other public databases (UniProt, GO, DrugBank, etc.) and high-throughput sequencing analyses. The gene set variation analysis package was used to infer tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte levels in TISIDB. We further explored the relationship between ATP6AP1 and TIIC levels in BC and analyzed the surface markers of TIICs using the CellMaker [44] ( database.