A qPCR-SSP DNA generic typing test (LinkSēq™ HLA-B*57:01-ONE LAMBDA) was used. Specifically, generic real-time PCR was performed in 96-well plates. The test separately detected HLA-B*57:01 and closely related HLA-B57 alleles (HLA-B*57:02/HLA-B*57:03) for each sample. As recommended by the manufactured protocol, DNA samples were added immediately after isolation to each well of the tray to the Taq polymerase reconstituted with a dNTP-buffer mix (Micro SSP D-mix). Each typing tray included a negative control reaction tube that detects the presence of the internal control PCR product. PCR amplification was carried out according to standard procedures (One Lambda, Inc.) in LightCycler® 480 Real-Time PCR System-Roche. SureTyper software was then used to analyze and interpret the melt curves generated from each well, and the results were thus obtained.