For evaluating the transcriptional expression pattern of the hub genes, the total RNA was isolated from tissues and cells using TRIzol reagent (Invitrogen#15596026), and cDNA was synthesized using the PrimeScript™ RT reagent kit (TaKaRa#RR037) under the guidance of the manufacturer’s instructions. Realtime-qPCR was performed using the TB Green® Premix Ex Taq™ II kit (TaKaRa#RR82LR), and the sequence of primers were listed as below: MRPL12-F 5’-ATCCCCATAGCGAAAGAACGG-3’; MRPL12-R 5’-GGACGAGGTTGATGCCTTGG-3’; MRPL13-F 5’-ACATAAACCTGTGTACCATGCAC-3’; MRPL13-R 5’-GGTAGCCAGTATGCGAAGAGT-3’; POP1-F 5’-AGACAGCTGCTTCTGGAGGGT-3’; POP1-R 5’-TGACCCAGGCACCAGCAATTC-3’; Besides, GAPDH was used as internal control for normalization, whose sequence was designed as GAPDH-F 5’-GGAGCGAGATCCCTCCAAAAT-3 and GAPDH-R 5’-GGCTGTTGTCATACTTCTCATGG-3’.