We collected Information concerning the socio-demographic and the associated factors using a pre-tested standard questionnaire. After patient agreement, he/she filled the questionnaire for collection of socio-demographic factors and risk factors of DM among TB patients on their visit for commencement of TB treatment. DM was investigated as follows: Random blood glucose (RBG) test was performed, if the level is less than 11mmol/L, no further action was taken. If RBG is more than 11mmol/L, then the patient was asked to return for Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG) the next morning. A glucometer ACCU-CHEK Active Glucose Monitoring System (Roche Diabetes care Inc. Indian) was used for screening DM. WHO diagnostic criteria were used for making a diagnosis of DM, i.e. Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG) value of ≥ 8mmol/L. Patients found to be diabetic were referred to the diabetes clinic of their respective facility for further evaluation and management. Moreover, known DM patients were educated on the need to continue follow-up care for DM.