We retrospectively collected all the patients who were diagnosed with gliomas between 2011 and 2020 at the first and second affiliated hospital of Guangxi Medical University. The inclusion criteria for patients were as follows: 1) all the glioma patients were confirmed by pathological examination, including oligodendroglioma, astrocytoma, anaplastic astrocytomas, olidendromas, and glioblastma; 2) patients ranged in age from 16 to 75 years old; 3) all the patients were initially treated without previous chemotherapy or radiotherapy; and 4) Karnofsky performance status (KPS) ≥70 scores. The exclusion criteria were as follows: 1) patients who had recently pyrexia (axillary ≥73.2°C); 2) any other form of active infection that may affect SII; 3) patients with chronic inflammatory disease; 4) patients who died from treatment-related complications;5) a history of tumor radiotherapy or chemotherapy;6) with second primary malignant disease; and 7) incomplete follow-up data. The clinical characteristics of all enrolled patients were shown in Table Table1.1. The patient flowchart was clearly shown in Figure Figure77.

Clinical characteristics of patients.

WHO = World Health Organization.

The patients flow chart.