During the first workshop, the EVASYON method developed by Chavernac, was used following several steps: (i) identification, mapping and role (data collection, centralization, analysis, information sharing) of all the actors and description of surveillance data flow at the regional (Guadeloupe), national (French), and international levels; (ii) identification of current IT resources and data, and creation of a data catalog; and (iii) a comprehensive evaluation of the state of available information and future planning to create an IS for WNV (WNIS) in Guadeloupe. At the end of the workshop, participants agreed on preliminary technical specifications for the creation of an IS (sections, functionalities, users' rights) that would allow participants to collect, store and share data among all participants and organizations that have a role in WNV surveillance, depending on the participants' needs and interests.

A detailed document with all the technical requirements and specifications was prepared by a small working group using an online editable platform to facilitate collaboration with the developer (Google Docs). The WNIS prototype was developed using php/MySQL and the Rapid Application Development of php Runner (https://xlinesoft.com/phprunner). It was adapted to main users' comments and needs shared throughout 2020. A final prototype version was presented to the broader group of WN surveillance actors (veterinarians, DAAF, Santé Publique France, CHU, IPG…) for discussion through another participatory workshop held in November 2020. Improvements have been made to prepare a beta version that will run in 2021 for testing and validation. The final IS will be developed and transferred to a local server using the feedback on its use after several months of field WNV surveillance.