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卷册: 9, 期号: 19


A Highly Sensitive, Reproducible Assay for Determining 4-hydroxynonenal Protein Adducts in Biological Material 生物材料中4-羟基壬烯醛与蛋白质加合物的高灵敏、可重复检测法 作者:T. Blake Monroe and Ethan J. Anderson日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:142,Q&A: 0
Oxidative stress is associated with numerous diseases, and markers of oxidative stress in biological material are becoming a mainstay of both experimental and clinical/epidemiological research. Lipid peroxidation is a major form of oxidative stress, but due to their rapid degradation and instability, lipid peroxides are notoriously difficult to ...
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Measurement of Acid Ecto-phosphatase Activity in Live Leishmania donovani Parasites 杜氏利什曼原虫中酸性胞外磷酸酶活性的活体检测 作者:Amalia Papadaki and Haralabia Boleti日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:111,Q&A: 0
Acid ecto-phosphatases are enzymes that hydrolyze phosphomonoesters in the acidic pH range with their active sites facing the extacellular medium. Their activities can be measured in living cells. In bacteria and protozoan pathogens, acid ecto-phosphatases have been associated with the survival of intracellular pathogens within phagocytes through ...
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Isolation, Purification, and Characterization of Ginger-derived Nanoparticles (GDNPs) from Ginger, Rhizome of Zingiber officinale 源自生姜及根茎的生姜源性纳米颗粒(GDNPs)的分离、纯化和鉴定 作者:Junsik Sung, Chunhua Yang, Emilie Viennois, Mingzhen Zhang and Didier Merlin日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:203,Q&A: 0
Factors implicated in the pathophysiology of intestinal inflammation include defects in intestinal epithelial barrier function, abnormal immune responses, and activities of the gut microbiota. Current agents used to treat human Inflammatory Bowels Disease (IBD), chronic inflammation of digestive tract, have serious side effects. In addition, most ...
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Imaging the Vasculature of Immunodeficient Mice Using Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) and 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose Labeled Human Erythrocytes 利用正电子发射断层扫描/计算机断层扫描(PET、CT)和18F-氟脱氧葡萄糖标记人类红细胞 进行免疫缺陷小鼠脉管系统成像 作者:Shaowei Wang and Jung W. Choi日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:109,Q&A: 0
Nuclear blood pool imaging using radiolabeled red blood cells has been used in the clinical setting for the evaluation of a number of medical conditions including gastrointestinal hemorrhage, impaired cardiac contractility, and altered cerebrovascular blood flow. Nuclear blood pool imaging is typically performed using Technetium-99m-labeled (99m ...
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Isolation of Pure Mitochondria from Rat Kidneys and Western Blot of Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Complexes 大鼠肾脏单纯线粒体的分离和线粒体呼吸链复合物蛋白质免疫印迹 作者:Tamara Micakovic, Wiktoria Z. Banczyk, Euan Clark, Bettina Kränzlin, Jörg Peters and Sigrid Christa Hoffmann日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:140,Q&A: 0
Cardiac, neuronal and renal tubular epithelial cells are the most metabolically active cells in the body. Their fate depends largely on their mitochondria as the primary energy generating system which participates in the control of apoptosis, cell cycle and metabolism. Thus, mitochondrial dysfunction is a hallmark of many chronic diseases ...
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A Novel Protocol to Generate Decellularized Bovine Spinal Cord Extracellular Matrix-based Scaffolds (3D-dCBS) 一种获得去细胞牛脊髓细胞外基质构成支架的新方法 作者:Yavuz E. Arslan, Burcu Efe and Tugba Sezgin Arslan日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:145,Q&A: 0
Extracellular matrix (ECM)-based tissue engineering scaffolds have an essential role in promoting tissue regeneration. Nerve tissue engineering aims at facilitating the repair of permanent damage to the peripheral and central nervous systems, which are difficult to heal. For this purpose, a variety of biomaterials are being developed consisting of ...
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Reconstituting Breast Tissue with Organotypic Three-dimensional Co-culture of Epithelial and Stromal Cells in Discontinuous Extracellular Matrices 通过不连续细胞外基质中上皮细胞和基质细胞三维共培养重建乳腺组织 作者:Gang Ren, Vandana Sharma, Joshua Letson, Yashna Walia, Veani Fernando and Saori Furuta日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:209,Q&A: 0
Co-culture systems utilizing reconstituted or synthetic extracellular matrix (ECM) and micropatterning techniques have enabled the reconstruction of surface epithelial tissues. This technique has been utilized in the regeneration, disease modeling and drug screening of the surface epithelia, such as the skin and esophagus. On the other hand, the ...
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3D Organoid Formation from the Murine Salivary Gland Cell Line SIMS 小鼠唾液腺SIMS细胞系的三维类器官形成 作者:Harleen K. Athwal and Isabelle M. A. Lombaert日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:148,Q&A: 0
Salivary glands consist of multiple phenotypically and functionally unique cell populations, such as the acinar, ductal, and myoepithelial cells that help produce, modify, and secrete saliva (Lombaert et al., 2011). Identification of mechanisms and factors that regulate these populations has been of key interest, as salivary gland-related ...
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Experimental Setup for a Diffusion Bioreactor to Isolate Unculturable Soil Bacteria 分离不可培养土壤细菌的扩散生物反应器实验装置 作者:Dhiraj Kumar Chaudhary and Jaisoo Kim日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:149,Q&A: 0
Unculturable bacteria are those bacteria which proliferate in their native habitat but unable to grow or thrive in the normal laboratory media and conditions. The molecular techniques have revealed the significance of these uncultured bacteria in terms of their functional diversity and potential to produce secondary metabolites. To achieve these ...
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Analyzing the Functionality of Non-native Hsp70 Proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 酿酒酵母中非自身hsp70蛋白的功能分析 作者:Laura E. Knighton, Lizbeth P. Saa, Adam M. Reitzel and Andrew W. Truman日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:99,Q&A: 0
Yeast are an ideal system to study Heat Shock Protein 70 (Hsp70) function in a cellular context. This protocol was generated to analyze the function of non-native Hsp70 proteins by expressing them as the sole cytosolic Hsp70 in yeast. As an initial step, Hsp70 variants (such as Ssa1 point mutants and non-yeast versions such as Nematostella ...
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Isolation and Transcriptomic Profiling of Single Myofibers from Mice 小鼠单根肌纤维的分离和转录组分析 作者:Francesco Chemello, Enrico Alessio, Lisa Buson, Beniamina Pacchioni, Caterina Millino, Gerolamo Lanfranchi and Stefano Cagnin日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:162,Q&A: 0
Skeletal muscle is composed of different cells and myofiber types, with distinct metabolic and structural features. Generally, transcriptomic analysis of skeletal muscle is performed using whole muscle, resulting in average information as all cells composing the organ contribute to the expression value detected for each gene with the loss of ...
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An Operant Conditioning Task to Assess the Choice between Wheel Running and Palatable Food in Mice 一项小鼠在转轮装置和可口食物之间选择的操作式条件反射测试 作者:Bastien Redon, Imane Hurel, Giovanni Marsicano and Francis Chaouloff日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:219,Q&A: 0
Wheel running, especially in the homecage, has been widely used to study the neurobiology of exercise because animal tends to use it voluntarily. However, as for each reward, its consumption (in the present case, running performance) does not specifically provide information on its incentive value, i.e., the extent to which animals are ...
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ATAC-seq on Sorted Adult Mouse Neurons ATAC-seq用于分选成熟小鼠神经元 作者:Erin A. Clark, Yasuyuki Shima and Sacha Nelson日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:186,Q&A: 0
Transcription regulation is a key aspect of cellular identity established during development and maintained into adulthood. Molecular and biochemical assays that probe the genome are critical tools in exploring mechanisms of transcription regulation and cell type identity. The mammalian brain is composed of a huge diversity of cell types with ...
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Identification of Heteroreceptors Complexes and Signal Transduction Events Using Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) 利用生物发光共振能量转移进行异受体复合物和信号转导的鉴定 作者:Irene Reyes-Resina, Jasmina Jiménez, Gemma Navarro and Rafael Franco日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:142,Q&A: 0
Detecting protein-protein interactions by co-immunoprecipitation provided a major advancement in the immunology research field. In the G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) research field, colocalization and co-immunoprecipitation were used to detect interactions, but doubts arose due to specificity of the antibodies (monoclonal in the case of ...
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Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotide Perfusion Blocks Gene Expression of Synaptic Plasticity-related Proteins without Inducing Compensation in Hippocampal Slices 反义寡脱氧核苷酸灌注可阻突触可塑性相关蛋白在海马切片上的基因表达且无诱导补偿作用 作者:Panayiotis Tsokas, Bruno Rivard, Changchi Hsieh, James E. Cottrell, André Antonio Fenton and Todd Charlton Sacktor日期:10/05/2019,浏览量:150,Q&A: 0
The elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of long-term synaptic plasticity has been hindered by both the compensation that can occur after chronic loss of the core plasticity molecules and by ex vivo conditions that may not reproduce in vivo plasticity. Here we describe a novel method to rapidly suppress gene expression by ...
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