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Image Credit: BioProtoc.3491


Ribonucleoprotein Immunoprecipitation (RIP) Analysis 核糖核蛋白免疫沉淀分析 作者:Jennifer L. Martindale, Myriam Gorospe and Maria L. Idda日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:4464,Q&A: 0
RNAs and RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) can interact dynamically in ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes that play important roles in controlling gene expression programs. One of the powerful ways to investigate changes in the association of RNAs with an RBP of interest is by immunoprecipitation (IP) analysis of native RNPs. RIP (RNP ...
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Protocols for Processing and Interpreting cryoEM Data Using Bsoft: A Case Study of the Retinal Adhesion Protein, Retinoschisin 利用Bsoft处理和解释冷冻电镜数据方法:视网膜粘连蛋白,视网膜劈裂蛋白的实例研究 作者:J. Bernard Heymann日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2598,Q&A: 0
The goal of cryoEM is to determine the structures of biomolecules from electron micrographs. In many cases the processing is straightforward and can be handled with routine protocols. In other cases, the properties and behavior of the specimen require adaptions to properly interpret the data. Here I describe the protocols for examining the higher ...
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Studying Protein Aggregation in the Context of Liquid-liquid Phase Separation Using Fluorescence and Atomic Force Microscopy, Fluorescence and Turbidity Assays, and FRAP 利用荧光和原子力显微镜、荧光和浊度分析以及FRAP研究液-液相分离中的蛋白质聚集 作者:W. Michael Babinchak and Witold K. Surewicz日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:4222,Q&A: 0
Liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) underlies the physiological assembly of many membrane-less organelles throughout the cell. However, dysregulation of LLPS may mediate the formation of pathological aggregates associated with neurodegenerative diseases. Here, we present complementary experimental approaches to study protein aggregation within ...
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Characterizing the Two-photon Absorption Properties of Fluorescent Molecules in the 680-1300 nm Spectral Range 680-1300 nm波段荧光分子双光子吸收特性的表征 作者:Mikhail Drobizhev, Rosana S Molina and Thomas E Hughes日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2162,Q&A: 0
Two-photon laser scanning microscopy (2PLSM) is a state-of-the-art technique used for non-invasive imaging deep inside the tissue, with high 3D resolution, minimal out-of-focus photodamage, and minimal autofluorescence background. For optimal application of fluorescent probes in 2PLSM, their two-photon absorption (2PA) spectra, expressed in ...
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Isolation of Stem Cells, Endothelial Cells and Pericytes from Human Infantile Hemangioma 人婴幼儿血管瘤中干细胞、内皮细胞和周细胞的分离 作者:Lan Huang and Joyce Bischoff日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2146,Q&A: 0
Infantile hemangioma (IH) is a vascular tumor noted for its excessive blood vessel formation during infancy, glucose-transporter-1 (GLUT1)-positive staining of the blood vessels, and its slow spontaneous involution over several years in early childhood. For most children, IH poses no serious threat because it will eventually involute, but a subset ...
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Bone-in-culture Array to Model Bone Metastasis in ex vivo Condition 体外骨碎片培养列阵模拟骨转移 作者:Hai Wang and Xiang H.-F. Zhang日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2364,Q&A: 0
Bone is the most frequently affected organ by metastases of breast cancer and prostate cancer. Our knowledge on bone metastasis is extremely limited due to the lack of potent and efficient experimental models. We developed the “Bone-In-Culture Array (BICA)” platform to model the bone colonization of cancer cells in ex vivo cultures. The ...
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Quantifying HIV-1-Mediated Gut CD4+ T Cell Death in the Lamina Propria Aggregate Culture (LPAC) Model 固有层聚集培养模式中HIV-1介导的Gut CD4+ T细胞凋亡的量化分析 作者:Stephanie M. Dillon, Kejun Guo, Moriah J. Castleman, Mario L. Santiago and Cara C. Wilson日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2177,Q&A: 0
Gut CD4 T cells are major targets of HIV-1 and are massively depleted early during infection. To better understand the mechanisms governing HIV-1-mediated CD4 T cell death, we developed the physiologically-relevant Lamina Propria Aggregate Culture (LPAC) model. The LPAC model is ideal for studying CD4 T cell death induced by clinically-relevant ...
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Automated Analysis of Cell Surface Ruffling: Ruffle Quantification Macro 细胞表面Ruffling的自动分析:Ruffle的宏观量化 作者:Nicholas D. Condon, Jennifer L. Stow and Adam A. Wall日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2562,Q&A: 1
Cell surface protrusions include F-actin rich, wave-like ruffles that are erected transiently in response to stimuli and during cell migration. Macrophages are innate immune cells that ruffle constitutively and more dramatically in cells activated by pathogens. Dorsal ruffles and their resulting macropinosomes are key sites for environmental ...
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Sulfatase Assay to Determine Influence of Plants on Microbial Activity in Soil 硫酸酯酶法测定植物对土壤微生物活性的影响 作者:Anna Koprivova, Achim Schmalenberger and Stanislav Kopriva日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2916,Q&A: 0
Sulfatase activity is often used as a measure of the activity of soil microorganisms. It is thus a suitable tool to investigate the response of microbes to plants. Here we present a method to determine the influence of various Arabidopsis genotypes on the function of soil microbiota using the sulfatase as a quantitative measure. We grew ...
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A Radioactive-free Kinase Inhibitor Discovery Assay Against the Trypanosoma brucei Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 short (TbGSK-3s) 一种无放射性布氏锥虫糖原合成酶激酶-3抑制剂探究实验 作者:Antonia Efstathiou and Despina Smirlis日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2024,Q&A: 0
The identification of small molecules possessing inhibitory activity in vitro, against a given target kinase, is the first step in the drug discovery process. Herein, we describe a non radioactive protocol using luciferase-based ATP assay for the identification of inhibitors for the short isoform of the Trypanosoma brucei’s ...
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Measurement of the Promoter Activity in Escherichia coli by Using a Luciferase Reporter 利用荧光素酶报告系统检测大肠杆菌中启动子活性 作者:Yuki Yamanaka, Hiroki Watanabe, Erika Yamauchi, Yukari Miyake and Kaneyoshi Yamamoto日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2357,Q&A: 0
The reporter system is widely used technique for measuring promoter activity in bacterial cells. Until now, a number of reporter system have been developed, but the bioluminescent reporter constructed from the bacterial luciferase genes is one of the useful systems for measuring in vivo dynamics of gene expression. The introduced ...
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Study of Microbial Extracellular Vesicles: Separation by Density Gradients, Protection Assays and Labelling for Live Tracking 微生物胞外囊泡的研究:密度梯度分离,保护性分析和活体示踪标记 作者:Carolina Coelho, Raghav Vij, Daniel Q. Smith, Nathan R. Brady, Anne Hamacher-Brady and Arturo Casadevall日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2435,Q&A: 0
Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are produced by all domains of life including Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya. EVs are critical for cellular physiology and contain varied cargo: virulence factors, cell wall remodeling enzymes, extracellular matrix components and even nucleic acids and metabolites. While various protocols for isolating EVs have been ...
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Protocol for Measuring Free (Low-stress) Exploration in Rats 大鼠自由(低应力)探索测量方案 作者:Wojciech Pisula and Klaudia Modlinska日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2246,Q&A: 0
Research on exploratory behavior plays a key part in behavioral science. Studying exploratory behavior of laboratory rodents may provide important data about many developmental and neurobiological processes occurring in animal ontogenesis. The proposed protocol for measuring the free (low-stress) exploration behavior in rats is straightforward, ...
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A Single Test to Study Social Behavior and Repetitive Self-grooming in Mice 研究小鼠社交行为和重复自我修饰的单一试验 作者:Niraj V. Lawande, Ammar L. Ujjainwala and Catherine A. Christian日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:3079,Q&A: 0
The ability to recognize and interact with members of the same species is essential for social communication. Investigating the neural substrates of social interest and recognition may offer insights into the behavioral differences present in disorders affecting social behavior. Assays used to study social interest in rodents include the 3-chamber ...
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A Simple and Efficient Method for Concomitant Isolation and Culture of Enriched Astroglial and Microglial Cells from the Rat Spinal Cord 一种简单有效的大鼠脊髓星形胶质细胞和小胶质细胞联合分离培养方法 作者:Pooja Shree Mishra and Trichur R Raju日期:01/20/2020,浏览量:2548,Q&A: 0
Investigations into glial biology have contributed substantially in understanding the physiology and pathology of the nervous system. However, intricacies of the neuron-glial and glial-glial interactions in vivo present significant challenges while delineating the individual cell-type contributions, thus making the in vitro ...
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