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卷册: 10 期号: 12


Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay of in vitro Phosphorylated RNA Polymerase II Carboxyl-terminal Domain Substrates 体外磷酸化的RNA聚合酶II羧基末端域底物的电泳迁移率测定 作者:Joshua E. Mayfield, Seema Irani and Yan Zhang日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:1149,Q&A: 0
Eukaryotic RNA polymerase II transcribes all protein-coding mRNAs and is highly regulated. A key mechanism directing RNA polymerase II and facilitating the co-transcriptional processing of mRNAs is the phosphorylation of its highly repetitive carboxyl-terminal domain (CTD) of its largest subunit, RPB1, at specific residues. A variety of techniques ...
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Preparation of HeLa Total Membranes and Assay of Lipid-inhibition of Serine Palmitoyltransferase Activity HeLa全膜的制备及其对丝氨酸-棕榈酰转移酶活性的抑制作用 作者:Muthukumar Kannan, Deanna L. Davis, John Suemitsu, Christopher D. Oltorik and Binks Wattenberg日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:939,Q&A: 0
Serine palmitoyltranferase (SPT) is a pyridoxal 5′ phosphate (PLP)-dependent enzyme that catalyzes the first and rate-limiting step of de novo synthesis of sphingolipids. SPT activity is homeostatically regulated in response to increased levels of sphingolipids. This homeostatic regulation of SPT is mediated through small ER membrane ...
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In vitro Crosslinking Reactions and Substrate Incorporation Assays for The Identification of Transglutaminase-2 Protein Substrates 转谷氨酰胺酶-2蛋白底物的体外交联反应和底物掺入鉴定 作者:William L. Willis, Abigail Foster, Caitlin Henry, Lai Chu Wu and Wael Jarjour日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:851,Q&A: 0
Transglutaminase (TG2) catalyzes protein crosslinking between glutamyl and lysyl residues. Catalytic activity occurs via a transamidation mechanism resulting in the formation of isopeptide bonds. Since TG2-mediated transamidation is of mechanistic importance for a number of biological processes, assays that enable rapid and efficient ...
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Preparation of Yeast tRNA Sample for NMR Spectroscopy 酵母tRNA样品的核磁共振制备 作者:Marjorie Catala, Alexandre Gato, Carine Tisné and Pierre Barraud日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:900,Q&A: 0
Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) are heavily decorated with post-transcriptional modifications during their biosynthesis. To fulfil their functions within cells, tRNAs undergo a tightly controlled biogenesis process leading to the formation of mature tRNAs. In addition, functions of tRNAs are often modulated by their modifications. Although the biological ...
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Single Cell Volume Measurement Utilizing the Fluorescence Exclusion Method (FXm) 荧光排斥法(FXm)测量单细胞体积 作者:Nash D. Rochman, Kai Yao, Nicolas A. Perez Gonzalez, Denis Wirtz and Sean X. Sun日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:1099,Q&A: 0
The measurement of single cell size remains an obstacle towards a deeper understanding of cell growth control, tissue homeostasis, organogenesis, and a wide range of pathologies. Recent advances have placed a spotlight on the importance of cell volume in the regulation of fundamental cell signaling pathways including those known to orchestrate ...
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Superresolution Microscopy of Drosophila Indirect Flight Muscle Sarcomeres 果蝇间接飞行肌肌节的超分辨显微镜观察 作者:Szilárd Szikora, Tibor Novák, Tamás Gajdos, Miklós Erdélyi and József Mihály日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:960,Q&A: 0
Sarcomeres are extremely highly ordered macromolecular assemblies where proper structural organization is an absolute prerequisite to the functionality of these contractile units. Despite the wealth of information collected, the exact spatial arrangement of many of the H-zone and Z-disk proteins remained unknown. Recently, we developed a powerful ...
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Quantification of Protein Kinase A (PKA) Activity by An in vitro Radioactive Assay Using the Mouse Sperm Derived Enzyme 用小鼠精子衍生酶体外放射性测定蛋白激酶A(PKA)活性 作者:Cintia Stival, Carolina Baro Graf, Pablo E. Visconti and Dario Krapf日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:1066,Q&A: 0
In order to acquire fertilizing potential, mammalian sperm must undergo a process known as capacitation, which relies on the early activation of Protein Kinase A (PKA). Frequently, PKA activity is assessed in whole-cell experiments by analyzing the phosphorylation status of its substrates in a western-blot. This technique ...
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Assessments of HLA-I Specificities of Anti-HLA-I Monoclonal Antibodies Using Solid Phase Bead Arrays 固相微珠技术评价抗HLA-I单克隆抗体的HLA-I特异性 作者:Anita J. Zaitouna, Daniel S. Ramon and Malini Raghavan日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:899,Q&A: 0
Human leukocyte antigen class I (HLA-I) molecules are a group of structurally-related cell surface proteins with a high degree of variability within the population. While only up to six variants are expressed in an individual person, the whole population contains thousands of different variants. The ability to distinguish specific variants is ...
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Site-specific DNA Mapping of Protein Binding Orientation Using Azidophenacyl Bromide (APB) 叠氮苯酰溴(APB)定位蛋白质结合方向的DNA图谱 作者:Himasha M. Perera and Michael A. Trakselis日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:1122,Q&A: 0
The orientation of a DNA-binding protein bound on DNA is determinative in directing the assembly of other associated proteins in the complex for enzymatic action. As an example, in a replisome, the orientation of the DNA helicase at the replication fork directs the assembly of the other associated replisome proteins. We have recently determined ...
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Live Cell Measurement of the Intracellular pH of Yeast by Flow Cytometry Using a Genetically-Encoded Fluorescent Reporter 一种基于流式细胞术的利用基因编码荧光报告测定酵母活细胞内pH值的方法 作者:Catherine G. Triandafillou and D. Allan Drummond日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:1024,Q&A: 0
The intracellular pH of yeast is a tightly regulated physiological cue that changes in response to growth state and environmental conditions. Fluorescent reporters, which have altered fluorescence in response to local pH changes, can be used to measure intracellular pH. While microscopy is often used to make such measurements, it is relatively ...
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Genomic Edition of Ashbya gossypii Using One-vector CRISPR/Cas9 利用一个CRISPR/Cas9载体对棉囊阿舒氏酵母进行基因组编辑 作者:Gloria Muñoz-Fernández, Alberto Jiménez and José Luis Revuelta日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:794,Q&A: 0
The CRISPR/Cas9 system is a novel genetic tool which allows the precise manipulation of virtually any genomic sequence. In this protocol, we use a specific CRISPR/Cas9 system for the manipulation of Ashbya gossypii. The filamentous fungus A. gossypii is currently used for the industrial production of riboflavin (vitamina B2). In ...
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Identification of Buffer Conditions for Optimal Thermostability and Solubility of Herpesviral Protein UL37 Using the Thermofluor Assay 用热荧光法鉴定疱疹病毒蛋白UL37的最佳热稳定性和溶解度的缓冲液条件 作者:Andrea L. Koenigsberg, Jared D. Pitts and Ekaterina E. Heldwein日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:734,Q&A: 0
Structural and biochemical studies of proteins require high amounts of stable, purified proteins. Protein stability often depends on the buffer composition, which includes pH and concentration of salts or other solutes such as glycerol, hence an efficient method for identifying optimal buffer conditions for stability would minimize time and ...
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An Alternative Maze to Assess Novel Object Recognition in Mice 一种评价小鼠新目标识别的替代迷宫 作者:José Fernando Oliveira da Cruz, Maria Gomis-Gonzalez, Rafael Maldonado, Giovanni Marsicano, Andrés Ozaita and Arnau Busquets-Garcia日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:1166,Q&A: 0
The novel object recognition (NOR) task is a behavioral test commonly used to evaluate episodic-like declarative memory and it relies on the innate tendency of rodents to explore novelty. Here we present a maze used to evaluate NOR memory in mice that reduces the time of the assay while improving reliability of the measurements by increasing the ...
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Quantitative Nucleocytoplasmic Transport Assays in Cellular Models of Neurodegeneration 神经退行性细胞模型中核质转运的定量分析 作者:Joni Vanneste, Thomas Vercruysse, Philip Van Damme, Ludo Van Den Bosch and Dirk Daelemans日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:1017,Q&A: 0
Nucleocytoplasmic transport deficits are suggested to play a role in neurodegenerative disorders, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Given the importance and complexity of this process, understanding when these aberrations occur and which pathways are involved is of great importance. Here, we make use of CRISPR-Cas9 technology to ...
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Maintenance and Quantitative Phenotyping of the Oomycete-plant Model Pathosystem Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidisArabidopsis 卵菌-植物模型病理系统(活体营养型卵菌–拟南芥)的维持和定量表型分析 作者:Fang-Yu Hwu and Martin Parniske日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:930,Q&A: 0
The interaction between the host plant Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis) and the oomycete Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis (Hpa) is an established model system for the study of an obligate biotrophic downy mildew interaction. The evaluation of the developmental success of Hpa is often based on the quantification ...
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Low-cost and Multiplexable Whole mRNA-Seq Library Preparation Method with Oligo-dT Magnetic Beads for Illumina Sequencing Platforms Oligo-dT磁珠用于Illumina测序平台的低成本和可复用的完整mRNA-Seq文库制备方法 作者:Makoto Kashima, Ayumi Deguchi, Ayumi Tezuka and Atsushi J. Nagano日期:06/20/2020,浏览量:1545,Q&A: 0
RNA-Seq is a powerful method for transcriptome analysis used in varied field of biology. Although several commercial products and hand-made protocols enable us to prepare RNA-Seq library from total RNA, their cost are still expensive. Here, we established a low-cost and multiplexable whole mRNA-Seq library preparation method for illumine ...
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