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卷册: 10 期号: 15


Expression and Purification of Functionally Active Serotonin 5-HT2A Receptor in Insect Cells Using Low-titer Viral Stock 低滴度病毒载体在昆虫细胞中表达和纯化功能性5-HT2A受体 作者:Sukanya Mozumder, Gopa Mahesh, Krishnamoorthi Srinivasan, Jayati Sengupta and Sujoy Mukherjee日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:830,Q&A: 0
The serotonin 5-HT2A receptor (5-HT2AR) is a member of the GPCR family that is important for various neurological functions and whose dysregulation causes many mental health disorders. Structural investigations of 5-HT2AR require the production of functionally active receptors expressed from eukaryotic cell ...
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SMART (Single Molecule Analysis of Resection Tracks) Technique for Assessing DNA end-Resection in Response to DNA Damage SMART(切除轨迹单分子分析)技术用于评估DNA末端切除对DNA损伤的反应 作者:Angela Altieri, Milena Dell’Aquila, Francesca Pentimalli, Antonio Giordano and Alfano Luigi日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:1017,Q&A: 0
DNA double strand breaks (DSBs) are among the most toxic lesions affecting genome integrity. DSBs are mainly repaired through non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) and homologous recombination (HR). A crucial step of the HR process is the generation, through DNA end-resection, of a long 3′ single-strand DNA stretch, necessary to prime DNA synthesis ...
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Measuring Intracellular Vesicle Density and Dispersion Using Fluorescence Microscopy and ImageJ/FIJI 使用荧光显微镜和ImageJ / FIJI测量细胞内囊泡的密度和分散度 作者:Natália Fernanda do Couto, Thamires Queiroz-Oliveira, Maria Fátima Horta, Thiago Castro-Gomes and Luciana Oliveira Andrade日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:1413,Q&A: 0
Cell signalling, cell secretion, and plasma membrane repair are processes that critically rely on intracellular vesicles, important components of the endocytic and secretory pathways. More specifically, the strategic distribution of intracellular vesicles is important for diverse cellular processes. The method presented here is a simple, ...
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Buoyant Density Fractionation of Small Extracellular Vesicle Sub-populations Derived from Mammalian Cells 哺乳动物细胞来源的胞外小囊泡亚群浮力密度分级 作者:Morayma M. Temoche-Diaz, Matthew J. Shurtleff and Randy Schekman日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:790,Q&A: 0
Small extracellular vesicles (sEVs) encompass a variety of distinct vesicles that are secreted to the extracellular space. Many methodologies currently used for EV isolation (e.g., differential ultracentrifugation concluding in a high-speed pellet, precipitation by macromolecular crowding agents or size excusion chromatography–SEC) do not ...
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A Quantitative Single-cell Flow Cytometry Assay for Retrograde Membrane Trafficking Using Engineered Cholera Toxin 使用基因工程霍乱毒素进行逆行膜转运的定量单细胞流式细胞术分析 作者:Mariska Simpson, Wayne I. Lencer and Phi Luong日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:840,Q&A: 0
The organization and distribution of proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids in eukaryotic cells is an essential process for cell function. Retrograde trafficking from the plasma membrane to the Golgi and endoplasmic reticulum can greatly modify cell membrane composition and intracellular protein dynamics, and thus typifies a key sorting step. ...
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Mechanical Tissue Compression and Whole-mount Imaging at Single Cell Resolution for Developing Murine Epididymal Tubules 小鼠附睾小管发育过程中的组织机械压缩和单细胞分辨率全胚胎成像 作者:Tsuyoshi Hirashima日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:907,Q&A: 0
Cells inside the body are subjected to various mechanical stress, such as stretch or compression provided by surrounding cells, shear stresses by blood or lymph flows, and normal stresses by luminal liquids. Force loading to the biological tissues is a fundamental method to better understand cellular responses to such mechanical stimuli. There ...
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Flow Cytometry of CD14, VDR, Cyp27 and Cyp24 and TLR4 in U937 Cells 流式细胞术检测U937细胞CD14、VDR、Cyp27、Cyp24和TLR4 作者:Jacqueline Ferritto Rebello, Rodrigo Barbosa de Oliveira Brito, Caren Cristina Grabulosa, Rosa Maria Affonso Moyses, Rosilene Motta Elias and Maria Aparecida Dalboni日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:787,Q&A: 0
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients present a micro inflammation state due to failure renal function. The calcitriol has been described as an anti-inflammatory factor that might modulates the inflammatory response in CKD patients. However, these patients have deficiency of Calcitriol due to failure renal function. But, synthesis of this vitamin ...
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High-level Production of Recombinant Membrane Proteins Using the Engineered Escherichia coli Strains SuptoxD and SuptoxR 利用工程大肠杆菌SuptoxD和SuptoxR高效生产重组膜蛋白 作者:Myrsini Michou, Dafni C. Delivoria and Georgios Skretas日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:894,Q&A: 0
We have previously described the development of two specialized Escherichia coli strains for high-level recombinant membrane protein (MP) production. These engineered strains, termed SuptoxD and SuptoxR, are capable of suppressing the cytotoxicity caused by MP overexpression and of producing greatly enhanced MP yields. Here, we present a ...
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Paper Lateral Flow Biosensor for Nodavirus Reverse Transcribed RNA Detection 用于诺达病毒逆转录RNA检测的纸侧向流生物传感器 作者:Dimitra K. Toubanaki and Evdokia Karagouni日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:560,Q&A: 0
Paper nanobiosensors have been established as an excellent platform for analysis of veterinary and human pathogens causing various diseases. Especially, lateral flow assays or biosensors ideal for sensitive, rapid, robust and accurate analysis in laboratory setups and on-site analysis. Viral RNA detection is of great importance for public health ...
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A Method for User-defined Mutagenesis by Integrating Oligo Pool Synthesis Technology with Nicking Mutagenesis 一种集成引物池合成技术和切口诱变的用户自定义突变方法 作者:Paul J. Steiner, Zachary T Baumer and Timothy A. Whitehead日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:1039,Q&A: 0
Saturation mutagenesis is a fundamental enabling technology for protein engineering and epitope mapping. Nicking mutagenesis (NM) allows the user to rapidly construct libraries of all possible single mutations in a target protein sequence from plasmid DNA in a one-pot procedure. Briefly, one strand of the plasmid DNA is degraded using a nicking ...
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Multiple Simultaneous Acute Stresses in Mice: Single or Repeated Induction 小鼠多重同时急性应激:单次或重复诱导 作者:Rachael E. Hokenson, Mikko Oijala, Annabel K. Short, Jessica L. Bolton, Yuncai Chen, Jenny Molet, Pamela M. Maras, Tallie Z. Baram and Gyorgy Lur日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:1002,Q&A: 0
Stress is crucial to the survival of an organism, but excessive stress can lead to psychological disorders including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicidality. The prevailing notion is that chronic stress promotes adverse outcomes on brain and body health, whereas acute stressors are generally benign. Notably, acute events such mass ...
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Generation of Functional Mouse Hippocampal Neurons 功能性小鼠海马神经元的产生 作者:Francesco Tomassoni-Ardori, Zhenyi Hong, Gianluca Fulgenzi and Lino Tessarollo日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:1177,Q&A: 0
Primary culture of mouse hippocampal neurons is a very useful in vitro model for studying neuronal development, axonal and dendritic morphology, synaptic functions, and many other neuronal features. Here we describe a step-by-step process of generating primary neurons from mouse embryonic hippocampi (E17.5/E18.5). Hippocampal neurons ...
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Development of the Deoxycorticosterone Acetate (DOCA)-salt Hypertensive Rat Model 醋酸脱氧皮质酮盐型高血压大鼠模型的建立 作者:Nayara Pestana-Oliveira, David B. Nahey, Tim Johnson and John P. Collister日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:546,Q&A: 0
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 1.13 billion people worldwide have hypertension, a major factor responsible for premature death globally. The inherent multifactorial nature of hypertension makes its study difficult since the chronic rise in blood pressure depends on the intricate connection between dietary, genetic ...
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In vivo Blood-brain Barrier Permeability Assays Using Clostridium perfringens Epsilon Toxin 应用产气荚膜梭菌ε毒素测定体内血脑屏障通透性 作者:Michael R. Mazzucco, Timothy Vartanian and Jennifer R. Linden日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:765,Q&A: 0
In order for the brain to function properly, a carefully orchestrated homeostasis must be maintained. To help regulate this delicate balance, the brain has developed a highly selective blood-brain barrier (BBB). Under normal conditions, the BBB excludes harmful blood-borne material from the brain parenchyma. However, numerous neuropathological ...
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The ATPase Activity of Escherichia coli Expressed AAA+-ATPase Protein 大肠杆菌表达的AAA + -ATPase蛋白的ATPase活性 作者:Amita Kaundal, Vemanna S. Ramu and Kirankumar S. Mysore日期:08/05/2020,浏览量:790,Q&A: 0
ATPases are the enzymes that breakdown ATP to ADP and release inorganic phosphate (Pi). Here we provide a detailed protocol to determine the ATPase activity of a recombinant AAA+-ATPase protein (GENERAL CONTROL NON-REPRESSIBLE-4 [GCN4]) by spectrophotometric absorption at 360 nm to measure the accumulated inorganic phosphate. In ...
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