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Image Credit: BioProtoc.3739


Optogenetic Tuning of Protein-protein Binding in Bilayers Using LOVTRAP LOVTRAP对双层膜蛋白质结合的光遗传学调控 作者:Doug Tischer and Orion D. Weiner日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:2596,Q&A: 0
Modern microscopy methods are powerful tools for studying live cell signaling and biochemical reactions, enabling us to observe when and where these reactions take place from the level of a cell down to single molecules. With microscopy, each cell or molecule can be observed both before and after a given perturbation, facilitating better inference ...
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An in vitro DNA Sensor-based Assay to Measure Receptor-specific Adhesion Forces of Eukaryotic Cells and Pathogens 基于DNA传感器的真核细胞与病原体受体特异性粘附力的体外检测 作者:Maurizio Wack, Tina Wiegand, Friedrich Frischknecht and E. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:1832,Q&A: 0
Motility of eukaryotic cells or pathogens within tissues is mediated by the turnover of specific interactions with other cells or with the extracellular matrix. Biophysical characterization of these ligand-receptor adhesions helps to unravel the molecular mechanisms driving migration. Traction force microscopy or optical tweezers are typically ...
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Quantitative Kinetic Analyses of Histone Turnover Using Imaging and Flow Cytometry 组蛋白转换的定量动力学成像及流式细胞术研究 作者:Hanae Sato, Robert H. Singer and John M. Greally日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:1811,Q&A: 0
Dynamic histone changes occur as a central part of chromatin regulation. Deposition of histone variants and post-translational modifications of histones are strongly associated with properties of chromatin status. Characterizing the kinetics of histone variants allows important insights into transcription regulation, chromatin maintenance and ...
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Fluorescent Polysome Profiling in Caenorhabditis elegans 秀丽隐杆线虫荧光多聚体分析 作者:Dan Shaffer and Jarod A Rollins日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:2407,Q&A: 0
An important but often overlooked aspect of gene regulation occurs at the level of protein translation. Many genes are regulated not only by transcription but by their propensity to be recruited to actively translating ribosomes (polysomes). Polysome profiling allows for the separation of unbound 40S and 60S subunits, 80S monosomes, and actively ...
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Flow-cytometric Detection of Low-level Reactive Oxygen Species in Cell Lines and Primary Immune Cells 细胞系和原代免疫细胞中的低水平活性氧的流式细胞仪检测 作者:Kevin Bode, Corinna Link, Peter H. Krammer and Heiko Weyd日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:2882,Q&A: 0
Depending on its concentration and cellular origin the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the organism serves a variety of functions. While high concentrations during an oxidative burst are used to fight pathogens, low to moderate amounts of ROS act as signaling molecules important for several physiological processes such as regulation ...
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Multiplication and Growth Inhibition Activity Assays for the Zoonotic Malaria Parasite, Plasmodium knowlesi 人畜共患病疟原虫——诺氏疟原虫增殖和生长抑制活性测定 作者:Franziska Mohring, Thomas A. Rawlinson, Simon J. Draper and Robert W. Moon日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:2448,Q&A: 0
Malaria remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality globally. Clinical symptoms of the disease arise from the growth and multiplication of Plasmodium parasites within the blood of the host. Thus in vitro assays to determine how drug, antibody and genetic perturbations affect the growth rate of Plasmodium parasites ...
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Live-cell Imaging by Super-resolution Confocal Live Imaging Microscopy (SCLIM): Simultaneous Three-color and Four-dimensional Live Cell Imaging with High Space and Time Resolution 超分辨率共聚焦显微镜活体细胞成像(SCLIM):高时空分辨率的三色、四维同步活体细胞成像 作者:Kazuo Kurokawa and Akihiko Nakano日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:2553,Q&A: 0
Many questions in cell biology can be solved by state-of-the-art technology of live cell imaging. One good example is the mechanism of membrane traffic, in which small membrane carriers are rapidly moving around in the cytoplasm to deliver cargo proteins between organelles. For directly visualizing the events in membrane trafficking system, ...
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A High-throughput Interbacterial Competition Platform 一个高通量细菌间竞争平台 作者:Hsiao-Han Lin and Erh-Min Lai日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:1916,Q&A: 0
Contact-dependent interbacterial competition is a common strategy used by bacteria to fight for their ecological niches. Interbacterial competition is monitored by a competition assay involving co-culturing the attacker and the recipient bacterial cells on agar, followed by recovery of the surviving recipient cells. Conventional interbacterial ...
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Screening Method for CRISPR/Cas9 Inhibition of a Human DNA Virus: Herpes Simplex Virus 人单纯疱疹病毒CRISPR/Cas9抑制作用的筛选方法 作者:Werner M. Neuhausser, Hyung S. Oh, Pierce Eggan, Magdalena Angelova, Rory Kirchner, Kevin C. Eggan and David M. Knipe日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:2796,Q&A: 0
The efficiency of cleavage of individual CRISPR/Cas9-sgRNAs remains difficult to predict based on the CRISPR target sequence alone. Different intracellular environments (dependent on cell type or cell cycle state for example) may affect sgRNA efficiency by altering accessibility of genomic DNA through DNA modifications such as epigenetic marks and ...
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BRIDGE: An Open Platform for Reproducible Protein-Ligand Simulations and Free Energy of Binding Calculations BRIDGE:一个可重复的蛋白质配体模拟和结合自由能计算的开放平台 作者:Tharindu Senapathi, Christopher B. Barnett and Kevin J. Naidoo日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:4757,Q&A: 3
Protein-ligand binding prediction is central to the drug-discovery process. This often follows an analysis of genomics data for protein targets and then protein structure discovery. However, the complexity of performing reproducible protein conformational analysis and ligand binding calculations, using vetted methods and protocols can be a ...
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Nonenzymatic RNA-templated Synthesis of N3′→P5′ Phosphoramidate DNA N3'→P5'磷酰胺DNA的非酶RNA模板合成 作者:Derek K. O'Flaherty, Lijun Zhou and Jack W. Szostak日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:1944,Q&A: 0
The RNA world hypothesis describes a scenario where early life forms relied on RNA to govern both inheritance and catalyze useful chemical reactions. Prior to the emergence of enzymes capable of replicating the RNA genome, a nonenzymatic replication process would have been necessary to initiate Darwinian Evolution. However, the one-pot ...
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The Peak Interval Procedure in Rodents: A Tool for Studying the Neurobiological Basis of Interval Timing and Its Alterations in Models of Human Disease 啮齿类动物的峰值间隔程序:研究人类疾病模型中间隔时间及其变化的神经生物学基础的工具 作者:Fuat Balcı and David Freestone日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:1406,Q&A: 0
Animals keep track of time intervals in the seconds to minutes range with, on average, high accuracy but substantial trial-to-trial variability. The ability to detect the statistical signatures of such timing behavior is an indispensable feature of a good and theoretically-tractable testing procedure. A widely used interval timing procedure is the ...
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Measuring Breathing Patterns in Mice Using Whole-body Plethysmography 通过全身体积描记法测量小鼠的呼吸模式 作者:Patricia Prada-Dacasa, Andrea Urpi, Laura Sánchez-Benito, Patrizia Bianchi and Albert Quintana日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:2548,Q&A: 0
Respiratory dysfunction is among the main cause of severe and fatal pathologies worldwide. The use of effective experimental models and methodologies for the study of the pulmonary pathophysiology is necessary to prevent, control and cure these diseases. Plethysmography, a technique for the assessment of lung function, has been widely applied in ...
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Identification of Socially-activated Neurons 社交激活神经元的识别 作者:Mary L. Phillips and Lucas Pozzo-Miller日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:2749,Q&A: 0
Determining the neuronal circuitry responsible for specific behaviors is a major focus in the field of neurobiology. Activity-dependent immediate early genes (IEGs), transcribed and translated shortly after neurons discharge action potentials, have been used extensively to either identify or gain genetic access to neurons and brain regions ...
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Efficient Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation of the Elite–Indica Rice Variety Komboka 农杆菌介导的优良籼稻品种Komboka的高效转化 作者:Van T. Luu, Melissa Stiebner, Paula Emmerich Maldonado, Sandra Valdés, Didier Marín, Gerardo Delgado, Virginia Laluz, Lin-Bo Wu, Paul Chavarriaga, Joe Tohme, Inez H. Slamet-Loedin and Wolf B. Frommer日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:4876,Q&A: 0
Genetic transformation is crucial for both investigating gene functions and for engineering of crops to introduce new traits. Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is an important model in plant research, since it is the staple food for more than half of the world’s population. As a result, numerous transformation methods have been developed for both ...
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An Efficient Inoculation Technique to Assess the Pathogenicity of Pantoea Species Associated to Bacterial Blight of Rice 一种用于评估水稻白叶枯病泛菌致病性的高效接种技术 作者:Kossi Kini, Raoul Agnimonhan, Issa Wonni and Drissa Silue日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:1953,Q&A: 0
Bacteria blight diseases of rice due to several genera of pathogenic bacteria are one of the major constraints worldwide for rice production. The disease can be best managed through host plant resistance sources. For most of these bacteria such as Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae, X. oryzae pv. oryzicola, ...
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Ratiometric Measurement of Protein Abundance after Transient Expression of a Transgene in Nicotiana benthamiana 转基因烟草瞬时表达后蛋白质丰度的比例计量测定 作者:Aashima Khosla and David C. Nelson日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:2545,Q&A: 0
Ratiometric reporters are tools to dynamically measure the relative abundance of a protein of interest. In these systems, a target protein fused to a fluorescent or bioluminescent reporter is expressed with fixed stoichiometry to a reference protein fused to a second reporter. Both fusion proteins are encoded on a single transcript but are ...
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Integration of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hiPSC)-Derived Neurons into Rat Brain 人诱导多能干细胞(hiPSC)源神经元与大鼠脑回路的整合 作者:Xiling Yin, Ted M. Dawson and Valina L. Dawson日期:09/05/2020,浏览量:2795,Q&A: 0
Human neuron transplantation offers novel opportunities for modeling human neurologic diseases and potentially replacement therapies. However, the complex structure of the human cerebral cortex, which is organized in six layers with tightly interconnected excitatory and inhibitory neuronal networks, presents significant challenges for in vivo ...
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