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Stable Caco-2 Cell Line Construction 稳定Caco-2细胞系的建立 作者:Lin Fang日期:03/20/2012,浏览量:19520,Q&A: 1
This protocol describes the construction of Caco-2 stable cell lines using the Lipofectamine transfection method.
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INF-gamma Release ELISpot Assay 酶联免疫斑点法(ELISpot)测定INF-γ释放水平 作者:Huagang Zhang日期:03/20/2012,浏览量:19449,Q&A: 3
IFN-γ (Interferon-gamma) is produced mainly by activated T cells and NK cells. Production of IFN-γ (Interferon-gamma) by helper T cells as well as cytotoxic T cells is a hallmark of the TH1-type phenotype, thus, high-level production of IFN-γ (Interferon-gamma) is typically associated with effective host defense against intracellular pathogens. ...
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Antibody Purification from Western Blotting 利用免疫印迹法(WB)进行抗体纯化 作者:Lin Fang日期:03/20/2012,浏览量:19971,Q&A: 2
This protocol describes a method of purifying antibodies from sera with denatured antigens immobilized on western blot membranes. Advantages include (1) fast and easy; (2) purification of antibody with antigen in denatured form allows high yield in case antigen protein solubility is limited. Disadvantage is that possible antibodies that recognize ...
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PCR-RFLP Genotyping of Point Mutations in Caenorhabditis elegans 线虫点突变的PCR-RFLP基因型鉴定 作者:Peichuan Zhang日期:03/20/2012,浏览量:23435,Q&A: 4
This protocol describes the basic principle of PCR/restriction digest genotyping of point mutations in worms, based on the principle of Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) analysis. This type of genotyping is, particularly, useful when phenotypic analysis of animals carrying point mutations is difficult (e.g., in a complex ...
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