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Acetyl-coenzyme A Synthetase (Acs) Assay 乙酰辅酶A合成酶(ACS)的活性测定 作者:Sara Castaño-Cerezo, Vicente Bernal and Manuel Cánovas日期:09/05/2012,浏览量:14981,Q&A: 2
Acetyl-coenzyme A synthethase (Acs, E.C. is an acetate activating enzyme widely represented in nature from bacteria to human. Its function is important for cellular catabolism, especially in order to support microbial growth at low concentrations of acetate (<10 mm)="" (castano="" cerezo="">et al., 2011; Castano Cerezo et al ...
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Protein-RNA ELISA Assay 蛋白质-RNA酶联免疫吸附试验 作者:Vanesa Olivares Illana and Robin Farhaeus日期:09/05/2012,浏览量:11959,Q&A: 0
Protein-RNA ELISA assay is an effective and quantitative method to study protein-RNA interactions in vitro. In this protocol we used recombinant 6x HIS tagged protein, but it works as well for non tagged proteins.
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Purification of His-ubiquitin Proteins from Mammalian Cells 从哺乳动物细胞中纯化带His标签泛素化蛋白 作者:Vanesa Olivares Illana and Robin Farhaeus日期:09/05/2012,浏览量:19714,Q&A: 10
This protocol is used to purify His-tag ubiquitin conjugated protein. In this particular case, cells were transfected with His-tag ubiquitin and p53 which allowed us to purify using His-tag and reveal the WB using antibodies against p53 to see just the p53-ubiquitinate. The present protocol can be used in general for His-tag proteins expressed in ...
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Ex vivo Co-culture of Lymphoid Tissue Stromal Cells and T Cells 淋巴组织基质细胞和T淋巴细胞的体外共培养 作者:Ming Zeng and Ashley T. Haase 日期:09/05/2012,浏览量:9325,Q&A: 0
Stromal cells within lymphoid tissues produce IL-7, which is critical for the survival and function of T cells. This protocol is to be used to isolate primary human lymphoid tissue stromal cells to study their impact on the survival of T cells in an ex vivo co-culture system.
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Polyadenylated RNA Sampling 带有Ploy A 的RNA 的分离纯化 作者:Eliane Hajnsdorf日期:09/05/2012,浏览量:9195,Q&A: 0
Polyadenylation is a post-transcriptional modification of RNA occurring in prokaryotes, eukaryotes and organelles. However, the function and extent of bacterial polyadenylation are in marked contrast to those of eukaryotic poly(A) tails. In fact, the long poly(A) tails of eukaryotic mRNAs play an important role in their exportation to the ...
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The Method of the Body Bending Assay Using Caenorhabditis elegans 使用秀丽隐杆线虫进行身体弯曲试验法 作者:Mikiro Nawa and Masaaki Matsuoka日期:09/05/2012,浏览量:17500,Q&A: 0
This protocol is useful to obtain clear and repeatable data to know the motor function of a worm by counting the number of body thrash in M9 buffer. The thrashing assay is useful for observation of the effect of loss of motor neurons such as VA or VB neuron.
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