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ImmunoPrecipitation of Nuclear Protein with Antibody Affinity Columns 采用抗体亲和色谱进行细胞核蛋白免疫沉淀试验 作者:Saïda Dadi, Dominique Payet-Bornet and Pierre Ferrier日期:02/05/2013,浏览量:31779,Q&A: 1
Co-Immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) is the method used to pull down protein partners of a protein of interest using an antibody that specifically binds to this specific protein in order to test protein-protein interaction. “Pulled down” proteins can be analyzed by western blot for suspected protein partner, or by Mass spectrometry for high throughput ...
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Co-Streptavidin Precipitation 链霉亲和素共沉淀 作者:Saïda Dadi, Dominique Payet-Bornet and Pierre Ferrier日期:02/05/2013,浏览量:11619,Q&A: 0
Co-Streptavidin Precipitation (Co-SP) is a method to pull down protein partners of a protein of interest tagged with the streptavidin binding protein domain, and using streptavidin columns that specifically bind to Streptavidin Binding Protein (SBP) in order to test the protein-protein interactions. Proteins of interest to be tested for their ...
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Protein-peptide Interaction by Surface Plasmon Resonance 采用表面等离子体共振检测肽段间的相互作用 作者:Eiji Ishii, Yoko Eguchi and Ryutaro Utsumi日期:02/05/2013,浏览量:19265,Q&A: 0
This protocol measures the protein-peptide interaction by surface plasmon resonance (SPR) using Biacore X100 (GE Healthcare). The Biacore system can monitor the direct interaction between biomolecules. There are several methods of immobilizing a ligand to the sensor chip. The optimal immobilization method for each experiment needs to be selected. ...
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Purification of Antigen 85 Complex of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 结核分枝杆菌抗原85复合物的纯化 作者:Uma Devi Ranganathan and Alamelu Raja日期:02/05/2013,浏览量:10187,Q&A: 0
Serodiagnosis of tuberculosis using purified native antigens is one of the approaches for the early detection of TB. The Antigen 85 complex consisting of Ag 85A, 85B and 85C are the most abundant antigens in the culture supernatant of mycobacteria. It has also been shown to be the immunodominant (the property of an antigenic determinant that ...
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In vitro Tumorsphere Formation Assays 肿瘤干细胞球形成的体外试验 作者:Sara Johnson, Hexin Chen and Pang-Kuo Lo日期:02/05/2013,浏览量:50314,Q&A: 3
A tumorsphere is a solid, spherical formation developed from the proliferation of one cancer stem/progenitor cell. These tumorspheres (Figure 1a) are easily distinguishable from single or aggregated cells (Figure 1b) as the cells appear to become fused together and individual cells cannot be identified. Cells are grown in serum-free, non-adherent ...
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Isolation of Cancer Epithelial Cells from Mouse Mammary Tumors 小鼠乳腺肿瘤上皮细胞的分离 作者:Sara Johnson, Hexin Chen and Pang-Kuo Lo日期:02/05/2013,浏览量:13429,Q&A: 0
The isolation of cancer epithelial cells from mouse mammary tumor is accomplished by digestion of the solid tumor. Red blood cells and other contaminates are removed using several washing techniques such that primary epithelial cells can further enriched. This procedure yields primary tumor cells that can be used for in vitro tissue ...
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Organotypic Slice Culture of Embryonic Brain Sections 胚胎脑切片的培养 作者:Froylan Calderon de Anda日期:02/05/2013,浏览量:15490,Q&A: 0
This technique will allow using brain slices to study several aspects of cortical development (i.e. neurogenesis), as well as neuronal differentiation (i.e. neuronal migration, axon and dendrite formation) in situ. This protocol is suitable for various embryonic stages (Calderon de Anda et al., 2010; Ge et al. ...
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In vitro Culture of Human PBMCs 人外周血单核细胞(PBMC)的体外培养 作者:Santosh K Panda and Balachandran Ravindran日期:02/05/2013,浏览量:101341,Q&A: 11
Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) consist of chiefly of lymphocytes and monocytes. Purified PBMCs are used in vitro to evaluate a variety of functions of lymphocytes viz; a) proliferation to mitogenic (PHA, Con-A) stimulation, b) monitoring of prior sensitisation in antigen recall assays by scoring lymphocyte proliferation, c) ...
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Isolation of Human PBMCs 人外周血单核细胞(PBMC)的分离 作者:Santosh K Panda and Balachandran Ravindran日期:02/05/2013,浏览量:85921,Q&A: 9
Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) are chiefly lymphocytes and monocytes. PBMCs are separated from the whole blood by a density gradient centrifugation method using Ficoll Histopaque.
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