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Protocol for Apoptosis Assay by Flow Cytometry Using Annexin V Staining Method 流式细胞术检测Annexin V确定细胞凋亡 作者:Imayavaramban Lakshmanan and Surinder K Batra日期:03/20/2013,浏览量:29120,Q&A: 1
This assay is used to count the number of cells that have undergone apoptosis. Apoptosis will be detected by initially staining the cells with Annexin V and propidium iodide solution followed by flow cytometry analysis. It is based on the principle that normal cells are hydrophobic in nature as they express phosphatidyl serine in the inner ...
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Generation of Human iNKT Cell Lines 建立人源的iNKT细胞系 作者:Xiangming Li, Moriya Tsuji, Jonathan Schneck and Tonya J. Webb日期:03/20/2013,浏览量:20453,Q&A: 9
Natural killer T (NKT) cells comprise an important immunoregulatory T cell subset and express cell surface proteins characteristic of both natural killer cells and T cells. Invariant NKT (iNKT) cells are activated by lipid antigen presented in the context of CD1d molecules, in contrast to classic T cell subsets which recognize peptide antigens ...
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Generation of Mouse iNKT Cell Lines 建立小鼠的iNKT细胞系 作者:Xiangming Li, Moriya Tsuji, Jonathan Schneck and Tonya J. Webb日期:03/20/2013,浏览量:12849,Q&A: 0
Natural killer T (NKT) cells bridge the innate and adaptive arms of the immune system, and manipulating their effector functions can have therapeutic significances in the treatment of autoimmunity, transplant biology, infectious disease and cancer. This important lymphocyte subset regulates the immune system through their potent cytokine ...
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