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Nicola De Franceschi Kavli Institute of NanoScience, Delft University of Technology
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Patricia Bassereau
  • Directrice de Recherche CNRS, PhysicoChimie Curie, Institut Curie, Paris
  • 生物物理学
  • Physics of biomembranes: Non-equilibrium membranes, membrane nanotubes, molecular motors, biomimetic systems for intracellular trafficking, diffusion and transport in membranes, filopodia mechanics
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PhD in Condensed Matter and Materials, University of Montpellier II, France, 1990


Bassereau lab: "Membranes and Cell Functions"


Since 2014: (for the full list, see https://scholar.google.fr/bassereau)
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Dynamic and Sequential Protein Reconstitution on Negatively Curved Membranes by Giant Vesicles Fusion

作者:Nicola de Franceschi, Maryam Alqabandi, Winfried Weissenhorn and Patricia Bassereau日期:07/05/2019,浏览量:2576,Q&A: 0
In vitro investigation of the interaction between proteins and positively curved membranes can be performed using a classic nanotube pulling method. However, characterizing protein interaction with negatively curved membranes still ...