Stefan Bohn
  • Post-Doc, Helmholtz Zentrum München Munich
  • Structural Biology, Systems Biology, CryoEM, Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway, Virolgy
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Dr. rer. nat., Technical University Munich, 2011


Michael Sattler Lab

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Protocol for RNA-seq Expression Analysis in Yeast

作者:Stefan Bohn日期:09/20/2021,浏览量:1057,Q&A: 0

Genome-wide sequencing of RNA (RNA-seq) has become an inexpensive tool to gain key insights into cellular and disease mechanisms. Sample preparation and sequencing are streamlined and allow the acquisition of hundreds of gene expression profiles in

RNA-seq expression analysis
作者: Stefan Bohn and Nevan J. Krogan,日期:2020-12-30,浏览量:288