Alexandre Therrien
  • Department of chemistry, Université de Montréal, Canada
  • Biochemistry


Ph.D in Chemistry,  Université de Montréal,  2015

Current Position

Smart Materials Developer & Analyst,   Bioastra Technologies Inc., Montreal


  1. Therrien, A., Fournier, A. and Lafleur, M. (2016). Role of the Cationic C-Terminal Segment of Melittin on Membrane Fragmentation. J Phys Chem B 120: 3993-4002.
  2. Therrien, A. and Lafleur, M. (2016). Melittin-Induced Lipid Extraction Modulated by the Methylation Level of Phosphatidylcholine Headgroups. Biophys J 110(2): 400-410.
  3. Therrien, A., Manjunath, P. and Lafleur, M. (2013). Chemical and physical requirements for lipid extraction by bovine binder of sperm BSP1. Biochim Biophys Acta 1828(2): 543-551.