Hao Yang
  • Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Physiology, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Plant science


Ph.D in Developmental Biology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2016

Current position

University lecturer, College of Life sciences, Henan Agricultural University

Publications (since 2010)

  1. Yang, H., Yang, N. and Wang, T. (2016). Proteomic analysis reveals the differential histone programs between male germline cells and vegetative cells in Lilium davidii. Plant J 85(5): 660-674.
  2. Zhao, Y., Wang, Y., Yang, H., Wang, W., Wu, J. and Hu, X. (2016). Quantitative Proteomic Analyses Identify ABA-Related Proteins and Signal Pathways in Maize Leaves under Drought Conditions. Front Plant Sci 7: 1827.
  3. Zhao, F., Zhang, D., Zhao, Y., Wang, W., Yang, H., Tai, F., Li, C. and Hu, X. (2016). The Difference of Physiological and Proteomic Changes in Maize Leaves Adaptation to Drought, Heat, and Combined Both Stresses. Front Plant Sci 7: 1471.