Brian D. Rutter
  • Graduate, Indiana University
  • Plant science


Ph.D., Indiana University


The Roger Innes lab studies the molecular and cellular basis for disease resistance in plants.


In the Innes lab, I am researching plant extracellular vesicles (EVs), small membranous compartments important in defense and intercellular signaling. The field of EV research in plants has been neglected for decades, but my recent efforts in isolating EVs from Arabidopsis leaves has opened the field up to new innovations and discoveries. Already plant EVs seem to have an important role in the immune response and may facilitate the interspecies exchange of RNAs during certain infections.


Rutter, Brian D., Katie L. Rutter, and Roger W. Innes. "Isolation and Quantification of Plant Extracellular Vesicles." Plant Physiology (2017).

Rutter, Brian, and Roger W. Innes. "Extracellular vesicles isolated from the leaf apoplast carry stress-response proteins." Plant physiology (2016): pp-01253.