Louise Thines
  • Post-Doctoral fellow, Louvain Institute of Biomolecular Sceince and Technology, UCLouvain, Belgium, 2020-2020
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PhD, UCLouvain, Belgium, 2019


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• Colinet, A. S., Thines, L., Deschamps, A., Flemal, G., Demaegd, D. and Morsomme, P. (2017). Acidic and uncharged polar residues in the consensus motifs of the yeast Ca2+ transporter Gdt1p are required for calcium transport. Cellular Microbiology 19(7), p.e12729.
• Thines, L., Deschamps, A., Sengottaiyan, P., Savel, O., Stribny, J. and Morsomme, P. (2018). The yeast protein Gdt1p transports Mn2+ ions and thereby regulates manganese homeostasis in the Golgi. J Biol Chem 293(21): 8048-8055.
• Thines, L., Deschamps, A., Stribny, J. and Morsomme, P. (2019). Yeast as a Tool for Deeper Understanding of Human Manganese-Related Diseases. Genes 10: 545.